List of Services

You're a beautiful canvas, and we're all about helping your inner beauty emerge. We create exclusive, tailor made treatments that will support your needs and desired outcomes. Our team uses their eye for detail and high-quality contouring products to deliver a range of treatments.

Body Contouring- Single Sessions

Double Chin and RF Facials| $85

Arms and Bra Fat Remover | $120+

Radio Frequency Facial| $65

Full Back Cavitation and Laser Lipo | $100

Booty Licious- Butt Enhancement| $150

Flat Tummy (Mommy Make Over)| $125

Cellulite Remover (Thighs)| $85

Wood Therapy and Massage | $25+ for (15 min.)

Judy Booty and Little Tummy | $175

Body Contouring Packages- 4 Sessions

Arms and Bra Fat Remover| 4 sessions- $350

Double Chin and Neck Fat Remover | 4 sessions- $300

Big Booty and Flat Back | 4 sessions- $500

Judy Booty and Little Tummy | 4 sessions- $500

Double Chin and RF Facials | 4 sessions - $200

Arms with Laser Lipo | 4 sessions- $210

Full Back with Laser Lipo,Cavitation, and Radio Freq. | 4 sessions- $300

Radio Frequency Facials | 4 sessions- $200

Booty Licious (Butt Enhancements) | 4 sessions- $500

Flat Tummy with Cavitation and Laser Lipo | 4 sessions- $400

Cellulite Remover- Thighs | 4 sessions- $300

*Each Package will include Wood Therapy and Lymphatic Massage*


Models Needed Special | $200

  • (1) Weekly 60-minute session. A total of 4 sessions - The sessions will be based on one specific area of your choosing (example: back (flanks are included), stomach (flanks are included), butt , arms (both are included) or thighs. You will also receive after care instructions ~ Progression photos (before and afters) Intake & Exit measurements

  • Total Price: $200 - You have the option to pay in full or payments can be made in 2 parts; $100 for the deposit and $100 the day of first session.

Buy one- Get one half off

  • Buy any single or 4 session package- get any single session or package deal half off.

    • Half off special purchase example: (If you buy a single session, you will receive half off on another single session; if you purchase a package deal, you will receive half off on single session or a 4 session package deal.